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Welcome to SmokeRust, a community shaped and built by the users. We strive to create the friendliest and most helpful community possible by making the players and customers our main focus. We hope you enjoy being part of our community and most importantly we hope its a place where you can relax and have a laugh with your friends

Our store uses the secure and trusted PayPal gateway. PayPal allows you to pay with your balance or any leading credit card / Debit card providers. If you do not have a PayPal account or don't want to use PayPal,  please select the option to 'Pay with a debit or a credit card'. All payments process immediately.

Please select one of the category on the navigation bar to browse our packages for sale. Make sure to double-check the server of the packages you are purchasing before making a payment!  



Any purchases made on this store are under a strict non-refundable policy.

In the event of attempts to bypass our refund policy via filing a dispute with PayPal or your credit card company, we will perform a global ban from all of our servers and possibly anything related to SmokeRust.

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